Welcome to Cafe In The Calm

Your Place for Connection, Comfort, and Wellbeing

More than just a cafe

The Calming Health and Beauty Fairs are regular events where people come together in their own unique ways.

Some like to find a quiet corner for some solitude, while others enjoy meeting up with friends or making new ones in our relaxed, welcoming environment.

We're all about giving you the freedom to do your own thing. Feel free to browse, join a circle class, or book a therapy session. When you're done, you can always return to the cafe area for a catch-up or simply to relax.

We're proud of our team of exhibitors and therapists, who are all professional, friendly, and fully insured. They're on hand to ensure you have a positive and enriching experience.

Just £3 gets you in the door (under 16 and holders of medical exemption certificates are free), and paid entrance includes a hot organic tea or coffee - freshly brewed and ready to warm you up.

Our separate cafe area is a great spot for chilling out or socialising. Here, you'll find the Healing Book, where you can write down any wishes for personal healing or a loved one. Our team, including many healers, will send positive energy towards these wishes.

To help you switch off, we provide adult colouring activities, journaling prompts, and paper and pencils. It's a simple way to slow down, reflect, and maybe discover new thoughts.

The name Calming Health and Beauty Fairs says it all, and the most calming energy at our events is something our visitors and exhibitors often comment on. Many love to sit and soak up the calming energy, leaving them feeling refreshed and ready for the week ahead.

Our Calming Health and Beauty Fairs occur at four different venues each month, providing a regular opportunity for relaxation. You can even book your next therapy session before you leave, so you'll have something to look forward to.

Many of our exhibitors are on this website if you want to connect between events. You can contact them and shop for some of our more popular writing, calming, and relaxation gifts.

Our community is growing on Facebook and will soon be available in a LinkedIn Group. Towards the end of 2024, we intend to open a forum with many new opportunities to connect.

Welcome to Cafe In The Calm. We're excited to share our space with you.

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