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Sophie Jeffery

Sophie jeffery Oriflame I started with Oriflame in January 2024 . They are a Swedish Nature- inspired, innovative Beauty and Wellness Company founded in 1967 A Global beauty community of about 2 million Oriflame Brand Partners in more than 60 countries I was with The Body Shop at Home for 19 years. Have experience in […]

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kpc Talking Therapies

Kim kpc Talking Therapies Is it time to concentrate on you? The time to Relax is when you don’t have time to Relax. Healthy you, means a healthy mind, as its a powerful tool that is part of your body, Modern life is complicated, as life’s challenging situations and psychological or personal problems can impact

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Nikki Parsons

Nikki Parsons Energetix Magnets Energetix magnetic products offer a unique approach to wellness, harnessing the power of magnets to promote the body’s natural healing process. These carefully designed items, ranging from jewellery to wellness accessories, are stylish and serve a dual purpose of enhancing one’s well-being. By incorporating the principles of magnetic therapy, Energetix products

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Ann Marie Furneau

Ann Marie Furneua Reflexologist, Massage Therapist and Healer My background was as a personal trainer , nutrition and weight management and sports and deep tissue massage. I saw the improvements in people as they improved their lifestyle. As my spirituality deepened I noticed I was tuning in to people’s emotions more and it was helping

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Lesley Gillingham

Lesley Gillingham Energy Speciliast, Spiritual Counsellor and Akashic Records Lesley Gillingham has been connecting with energy all her life. As a child, she understandably didn’t comprehend the entire concept. As an adult, Lesley began to understand more about what she was feeling and started to hone her way of working with energy into a structured

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Maria Perrino

Maria Perrino Reiki Practitioner and Crystal Specialist I am a Reiki Practitioner working towards becoming a Reiki Master and qualifying as an animal Reiki Practitioner too. I was introduced to Reiki in early 2000 and took my level I in 2005, known then as Reiki Tera Mai Seichem. During that year I also went on

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