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    Karen Laraquente

    Partylite Jewellery Distributor & Team Leader

    Dr I Han

    Dr Han - Weightloss book
    Founder of Formosan Farm & Weightloss Specialist

    Jen Irvine

    jen pic in 121 top
    Weight Loss and Wellbeing Coach

    Maria Perrino

    Maria Perrino
    Reiki Healer and Crystal Specialist

    Sian Murphy

    Sian Logo looking right
    Event Host, Broadcaster, Business Coach and Writer

    Mark Jennings

    Mark Jennings
    Reiki Master, Energy Therapist & Website Manager

    Kay Best

    Kay Best at Longfield
    Course Director, Reader & Therapist

    Carole Hayward

    Mary Kay Cosmetics & Make-Up Specialist

    Nikki Parsons

    Nikki Parsons
    Energetix Magnetic Jewellery

    Colleen Moonbeam

    Colleen Moonbeam
    Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher

    Kathie Masters

    Kathie Masters
    Psychic Medium and Tarot Reader

    Ann Marie Furneau

    Reflexologist, Massage Therapist and Healer
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